Waiting in the blind at a Hunt Test in Ohio in 1992.
Thank you Jim Wegner for the photo.
Polly aced four consecutive Hunt Tests, and 
the first one at the tender young age of nine months.  
Owner handled and trained.

November 1990   ~   October 2004

You're  quite fortunate if just once  in your lifetime you are blessed to own a 
"Labrador angel".  The dog
that always knows what you are thinking,  waits 
eagerly for your every command, and can't wait to carry out that command.  
The bitch that loves and coddles puppies that aren't her own, and properly but gently schools the most eager stallion in the pen.  The dog that is on her way back with her duck, and you didn't even know she had already made it to the fall area.  That describes "Polly" our foundation here at Lor-al.    "Polly" has passed on now, and we are very lucky and forever grateful to have her offspring here that will continue to carry out her endearing Labrador temperament and style.

A huge congratulations to Kim & Jeff Bryson and their Polly son, "Blades".

(Ch Dickendall Arnold x Ch Tantaras Pollyanna JH WCX CGC)
Am Can Ch Lor-als Got Our PowerPlay CD MH
"Blades" finished his Master Hunter Title on Aug 1st, 2005.  

OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal, Eye Clear, DOB  11-22-91

Martinstide Poser

Poolstead Pipe Major
at Martinstide
Poolstead Preferential Poolstead Problem
Poolstead Preface
Poolstead Positive Mystery Charway Ballywill Will
Poolstead Package Holiday
Poolstead Perplexed
at Martinstide
Poolstead Problem Sandylands My Lad
Poolstead Pussywillow
Poolstead Puskas Poolstead Preferential
Poolstead Postal Vote

Tantaras Oh Suzannah

Chafern Court Star
of  Fabracken
Receiver of Cranspire
Cranspire Skytrain
Pollys Pride of Genisval
Fabracken Daydreamer Charway Ballywill Will
Poolstead Pin Up of Fabracken
Inselheim Savannah
Shadowvales Frosty Knight
Balrion King Frost
Ch Bradking Black Charm CD
Springfields Dinorah CD
Ch Mardas Brandlesholme
Sams Song
Ch Springfields Musette



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